Return to Iron Tomb

The Three Kings – 3.5M HP (Each) Kings Buff All three Kings have a buff, with the tooltip “On death this soul releases a terrible energy”. The names of these buffs are in bold under the appropriate King. Nightmare Humbart First king that will spawn This boss does melee DPS Death Rally: Spawns a small AoE where he […]

The Rhen Of Fate: Ungolok

Ungolok – 95.2M HP  Raid Composition 1 Tank 1 Defiler 1 AoE Healer 1 Tank Healer 2 Support (Oracle/Bard, Pyroarchon) 4 DPS Phase 1 – 100-30% The boss is currently locked in chains, you can not move him. The chains give him a 2 stack debuff that weakens his damage.